Without A Lead Management System You Limit Your Business To Growth...



Assistant Pro has a membership System that control and restrict access to content


Assistant Pro come with a full LMS system for the full e-learning experience

Booking Assistant

Assistant Pro comes with a full booking assistant system with Zoom integration, SMS and email follow up

Assistant Pro - LMS

Full CRM and Auto-responder System included with Marketing Funnel for follow up

Project Management

Assistant Pro is equipt with a fully automated project Management system.

Affiliate Solution

Full functional email marketing system combined with MLM system

A.I Marketing Automation

A tool that combines a CRM, email marketing, SMS marketing tool integrated with Project Management and Booking System...

We Bridge The Gap

Assistant Pro is the first tool that any business MUST have to be able to grow their business...
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Assistant Pro

How To Bridge The Gap To Funnel Automation

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking”

Albert Einstein

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